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The next-generation WYSIWYG chart editor

We are experimenting with the next-generation Highcharts Editor, featuring optional LLM/Generative AI integrations and more!

  • Powered by ChatGPT
  • Easily create charts without programming
  • Tailor it to your needs
  • Integrate with your existing content management systems and more
  • Export embed codes for easy exporting
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Working with designers? Try our figma plugin!

Our new, powerful, Highcharts plugin designed for Figma allows you to create and adjust line charts seamlessly within your design environment. We’re already working on the next version which will include pie, bar, column and gauge charts.

  • Instant Line charts: Generate line charts with random data
  • Effortless adjustments: Already made a chart? No problem! Update existing charts with just a few clicks to ensure consistency accross projects
  • User friendly interface that dosn’t get in your way
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Who are you? What is this place?

TL&DR: This is Highsoft’s (makers of Highcharts) sandbox for experimental products and doodads, and is ran by its R&D and Innovation team. We put early-stage software here to both show you what we’re working on, and to let real-world usage guide us in product development.

The longer version: Highsoft’s lab is where we put out unfinished products and doodads. It’s run by Highsoft’s R&D and Innovation team, and we are excited (…and a bit nervous) to show you what we’re working on. Why? When you play around with our software, you might see something obvious we don’t - something that makes it work, or something that does the exact opposite: the next step. So, welcome. And thank you for joining our playground.

The Highsoft Lab is based on our belief that great innovation comes out of shared interests, curiosity, smart work and play - a group of people with a strong sense of pride in what they do having fun together. So while the scales on what ends up here may tip slightly towards Serious Business™, we would love for you to also join in on our fun, and play around with our smaller toys and experiments.